Data Security

SYSU IT provides integrated software which is specialized in data mining, archiving, migration and acquisition. We are expert in data scientist and data analytics. We develop disaster recovery plans and make custom backup plans to use it in the case of any disaster. We ensure your data security and mange your documents efficiently.

Data Migration

We ensures your data accuracy white migrating from legacy to new system. It provides fast and cost effective data management services. The data migration process follows strict guidelines to ensure confidentiality and secure HIPAA protected data.

Data Archiving

Our integrated software helps you move your data that is no longer actively used to make way for new data to enter. Archive the old data that is no longer in use but remains important to the company. You can access your archived data when in need.

Data Mining

SYSU IT extracts and transforms data to load it into data warehouse. Data mining process is known as data discovery which enables you to store data in a multidimensional database.

Disaster Recovery

We have data backups to helps you create disaster recovery plans. We collect data to make risk assessments and determine recovery plans which reduces decision making during a disaster.

Document Management

We efficiently manage all your data by migrating from existing system to any new system. Our software ensures all the data that is transferred is stored accurately.

Enterprise data Security

Our data security process protects data from getting corrupted. Our data encryption and key management practice protects your data across all applications.

HIPAA Compliance

SYSU IT follows strict regulation for data protection and data mining process to ensure your data security and to secure HIPAA protected data.

Business Intelligence

The purpose of business intelligence is to support better business decision making. we use business intelligence tools such as tablue, Microsoft power bi, Informatica Power Centre, big data, tera data and much more.

Advanced forecasting

Using SYSU IT ERP Planning Suite, customers can schedule specifications efficiency and manage work schedules and produce precise statistical forecasts.

SYSU IT offers exceptional IT solutions to meet various industry needs. Reach out to us for your custom software development services for your specialized business.



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