Healthcare service

SYSU IT provides integrated software which is specialized in data mining, archiving, migration and acquisition. We are expert in data scientist and data analytics. We develop disaster recovery plans and make custom backup plans to use it in the case of any disaster. We ensure your data security and mange your documents efficiently.

Advanced clinical editing

It is simple to verify eligibility for patient medical insurance with SYSU IT cloud-based patient management software. You must verify the eligibility status of patients online before an appointment.

Appointment scheduling

SYSU IT appointment scheduler an easy and efficient tool for your front office along with a patient appointment confirmation utility, are just some of the important features.

Credit card processing

By processing payment cards directly from SYSU IT, you will increase patient collections and eliminate double-keying information for greater efficiency.

Document management

Get a complete view of your patients and make managing their health simple. With SYSU IT cloud-based patient management software, verifying patient medical insurance eligibility is simple.

Enterprise data Security

Our data security process protects data from getting corrupted. Our data encryption and key management practice protects your data across all applications.

Electronic remittance

Credit and debit card processing helps you get paid faster and reduce collection costs. You can swipe a payment card or enter in payment card information within SYSU IT for automatic payment posting.

SYSU IT offers exceptional IT solutions to meet various industry needs. Reach out to us for your custom software development services for your specialized business.

Our ERP system helps you in database management process which includes:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Raw materials
  • Production capacity
  • Supply chain management
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Human resources
  • Human capital management



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